Sunday, 9 February 2014

Reflection of this week & Next weeks objective

During the period of this week, I have completed a lot of tasks that have allowed to me stay organised and on top of the work set. However, the highlight of the week of the week was my photo shoot which I believe went incredibly well, and my images came out just as I had hoped. The preparation of the Photo shoot required me to have to use my organisation skills to book out my shoot space, the required equipment and make sure my model was available.

Also, I began to design and create my flat pack model, which did not go as well as expected, and this was due to the fact that I was not very experienced with the software and it's layout. I then went of to conduct my survey as well as evaluate feedback from my teachers, other peers and my target market, as well as giving my fellow peers feedback on their 25 work presentations. To guarantee that my feedback was constructive, I carefully planned my comments to ensure there was valid points of improvement.

I feel that this week was very productive, however I feel as though I have spent too much time into the creative side of the coursework, and not enough on the substance and written elements of the coursework. Each week my published post amounts are on average the same, however I believe that they are becoming more detailed as the coursework progresses. I was keen to show how much effort and thought went into this weeks posts to show exactly was I am capable of.

My main objective for next week is to complete my flat plan content and double page spread, as well as thoroughly evaluating it in detail. I am also hoping to extend my research even further in order too retain the highest amount of marks possible, and to also see if I can use this as inspiration. My biggest aim of next week is to complete my draft article, contents and double page spread, and hopefully meet the class deadline.

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