Sunday, 13 April 2014

Evaluation Question 4 - FINAL

Who would be the audience for your media product?

My audience for this media product would be males aged 16-25 because I believe my artistic photography involved with in my magazine will attract their attention. With regards to the music genre of indie, it is largely a male fan base, due to girls being more involved in fan girling pop artists such as One Direction. 

The artists that my target audience listen to are such like: Kings of Leon, Foals, Macklemore, The 1975 and Jake Bugg. They also are typically stereotyped to going to gigs most weekends with friends to listen to their particular favorite artists. Music is used s stress relief from doing A Levels because they take up a lot of time, decreasing levels of social life. 

My target audience shop at stores such as Top man and River Island, which are features I include in my magazine to attract ,my target audience. This would be beneficial; for publicity for theory companies, as well as creating business for the magazine company. 

There is a large access to this magazine for my target market as they will be accessible in areas where teenagers live. Such as newsagents. 

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