Thursday, 20 March 2014

DRAFT - Question 3

What kind of media institution might distribute your media product and why?

Bauer Media in my opinion would be the most beneficial source of distribution for my product because I feel that it has connections through media widely across Europe. Due to this company being Europe’s largest distribution company in the media industry, with connections to businesses like 4Music and The Box, I believe as a magazine editor, this would benefit the selling of it extremely.

This company have a relationship with distributing products such as magazines, and broadcasted different types of media through radio, however focuses predominantly on the distribution of magazines, therefore meaning it has a wide market possibility. Due to the wide portfolio this company have across the continent, it would distribute my magazine in a positive light.

Due to the large portfolio, I believe that it would reach my target audience successfully, and be distributed to exactly the correct stores to which they would purchase my product from. This company have connections with Q and Mojo magazine, which in my opinion are extremely successful. I feel this is down to the way in which it is presented to the target audience which is what Bauer Media will do.

I also believe that through the course of the contract, Bauer Media would distribute my product to online sites such as iTunes and HMV stores, so that it can expand its audience reading rates in this country, and develop across the continent over time.  

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  1. Decent explanations - can you just reinforce a little more why they would want to distribute your actual mag? Remember to look at the excellent examples.