Wednesday, 19 March 2014

DRAFT - Question 2

How does your media product represent particular social groups?

My magazine is solely alternative with slight hints of 'pop' features, however it is more orientated are around the indie genre in regards to the written article, artist and style.

Paloma faith 2012 cropped.jpg
For the contents page of my magazine, I used certain aspects that a past student did as they fitted my genre. I also framed my photograph in a way that would attract the male gaze, because this is my target audience. From my previous UK TRIBES research, I found that male were attracted to specific features such as eyes and facial structure which is something I used to my advantage when choosing my model. My choice of angles and shots outlined the most detailed aesthetic features that my model possessed.

 My page layouts correspond with LOUD AND QUIET magazine because I felt this was best for attracting my chosen target audience which is males between the ages of 16-25. My artist Shannen Jones represnts an artist such as Paloma Faith who is in the music industry currently. This is because she has a unique style to her voice and her fashion. This sets a good role model for my target audience and I believe to be a very talented artist. 

The layouts of my page reflect the indie genre, as they represent individuality, which in this present day seems to be a big topic with regards to fashion statements and trends. 

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  1. Cam you haven't really answered the question. Make sure you begin by stating which groups your mag has represented e.g. gender, age. Then you can mention the groups identified from UK Tribes. You should then describe how you've represented them through styling/fashion photography etc as well as how you rep them in your article. You should consider whether your representations are positive/negative/stereotypical etc