Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Weekly Target

For this following week, my main targets are;
  • To reflect and evaluate all of the skills that I have acquired so far, and how they will help me to create my finished magazine.
  •        To analyse several magazine covers, contents pages and double page spreads in order to give me a more detailed understanding of the features that create a successful magazine.
  •        To evaluate how realistic it is for me to create a magazine from my favourite genre of music, and the features that I should consider when designing the layout.
  •        To complete my school magazine cover with appropriate font, images and mastheads, and then evaluate what I like and could have done better.
  •        To keep a step by step record of how each of my covers was made, and how my research had aided the design and layout of my magazine cover.

I aim to have completed all of these targets by the end of the week in order for me to create new targets that will help me in the production of my coursework.

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