Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Audience Profile

After taking in consideration the style and genre I will go on to reflect in my magazine I have decided to target predominantly the male market, aged between 16 and 20. I feel that this is the best market because these are the ages at which teenagers begin to experiment with different types of music that are not as mainstream. Also teens in particular are influenced by the fashion and style aspects that come with the indie genre. Male are stereotyped to be more interested in the 'rock' genre, and this is also the case with 'Indie rock'. I feel that the male market fits my design ideas and ambitions more than a dominantly female audience, and this will be reflected in the design of my final cover.

Name: James Williamson

Age: 18

Interests: Music gigs, playing acoustic guitar, hanging out with friends, shopping, going to the cinema, watching vintage films and drawing.

Clothing: Topman, Wellgosh, river island, office and Fussey

Occupation: Finishing off last year of A Levels, hopes to go on to university to art or music. He is currently working in a coffee shop, but hopes to get a job that will allow him to display his artistic talents with others. He is currently living in London, which will give him the best chance at getting his artwork and music to a wider audience.

Artists: Two door cinema club, Kings of Leon, Foals, Macklamore, The 1975 and Jake bugg.

General Information: James is mainly focused on his A level studies, which takes up most of his time. However when he is not busy with his studies, he spends time with his girlfriend, and also with his friends. His favourite past time is going to the cinema with his friends, and also writing music. He also likes to relax by doing things such as going to the gym, and also drawing. His love of abstract art and music is his passion and this is reflected in his choice of clothing and décor around his bedroom. He loves abstract art and music because it is different to other styles, and there is no right or wrong when creating it.

Name: Andy Richards

Age: 20

Interests: Music gigs, watching films, going to the pub and chilling with his mates.

Clothing:  Wellgosh, office and Fussey

Occupation: Andy is currently working at a modelling agency however this does not bring in enough income fore his, and is not very financially stable. In the future he plans to get a job as a magazine editor as he is very interested in media. He plans to go to university to study media before going on to seek employment. He currently lives in East London.

Artists: Foals, Macklamore, Florence and the machine and The 1975.

General Information: Andy is mainly focused on his current job  which takes up a large amount of his time. However when he is not busy with his job he spends time with his mates, and also with his family. His favourite hobbies is going to the cinema with his mates, and also going to the local pub. He also likes to relax by listening to music. His passion is influences on modern media, and that is reflected in his bedroom décor. He loves unique styles of art and media because they test the boundaries of what is mainstream and what is not.

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  1. Don't forget to add media consumption habits. Also I would suggest that you open your target audience slightly - past 20. Check Mr Smith's blog too for further audience advice as he has some very specific points you could check.