Friday, 17 January 2014

Fashion & Style

The indie fashion is just as unusual and unique as the rest of the culture. It is often described as very elaborate and never boring. Mainstream artists usually follow brands and styles that are currently trending world wide, however artists of the indie genre are the opposite. This abstract approach to their choice of fashion and music, helps an artist stand out form the rest, and gives them a unique stamp, which is something mainstream artists struggle to get.

When analysing the fashion of indie artists, I decided to look at Paloma Faith as she, in my opinion, had the most outgoing style. When attending award ceremonies, and being seen by the public, she demonstrates a very un-basic dress sense, and an even more unusual sense of hair styles. This could connote that as an artist, she is proud of being different, and also that her public image is not just about her voice, which it would be in the case of a mainstream artist. Her choice of make-up, always contrasts her outfit as being simple and natural looking. The simple make-up could be a way of keeping the focus on her hair and her choice of clothing. Her make-up is always light, and always targets the focus towards he lips more than any other facial feature. Her lips are the most colourful aspect of her make-up, and this gives her a slight vintage look as well as her overall indie look. Her hair is always large in scale, which connotes confidence as a individual artist, and sets her image to the public eye.

My artist for my cover, will not be a replicate of Paloma's style or concept, however there will be aspects that are similar and inspired from. Instead of using large hair, I

want my model to have simplistic hair, so the focus can be more concentrated on the artistic aspects of the photography. This will allow me to fit into the stereotypical look of my chosen music genre, and also ensure that the music and style are of both equal priority. This is suitable to the abstract nature of stereotypical indie artists and bands.

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  1. Good analysis and reflection on how this could influence your styling.