Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Article Idea & Inspiration (NOT FINISHED)

When deciding the subject that I would write my article about, I struggled to choose a topic that would reflect my idea of my magazine being different from anything on the high-street. As my theme was indie, I looked back through all of my inspiration to see if  it once again would spark some ideas for my article. When looking through, it was clear to me that  the indie such a broad spectrum that it is often hard to categories what is indie and what is not. When people look into ways to make them selves more indie, I can understand that it would be hard to see what is classed as being indie, and what is classed as being a trend follower (Sheep). So I decided to write my article on the different aspects that make a person individual, and separates them from followers of mainstream trends. In order to write an article that I feel would be interesting, it required me to do some research into the things that other people believe are the secret to being indie.

Also, another idea that I came up with was the conc

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