Monday, 13 January 2014

Genre Research

When first considering ideas for my magazine, I was at first very keen on the idea of having a design and feature that had never been used before. The idea then primarily lead me to the 'Indie' genre, as it is mostly known for being as the most unusual and uncommon genre compared to others such as; pop, rock, hip hop and rap. This genre is the furthest away from mainstream media, and this inspired me to look more into all the aspects that make up the unique style.  I not only looked into the genre of music, but the fashion and art that also come with it. By carrying out this research, it enabled me to identify key correlations between a variety of artists and fashion brands that would fit the multiple ideas that I have currently.

My initial idea was to aim my magazine at men, so I plan to use a female model in order to attract a male audience and they are seen as being more aesthetically pleasing to the male sex. However, in order for my research to be as in depth as possible, I also researched male artists to give me a more dynamic view of the important features that all artists connected to the 'Indie' genre have. This would ensure that I have the most effective and professorial edition as possible, and also it would reflect the aspects that combine to create indie culture.


Paloma Faith

Florence Welch 

La Roux

Lana Del Rey


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