Friday, 10 January 2014

Preliminary Task

When looking at traditional layouts of magazines, as a class we learnt about the main three used to create an effective magazine. Out of all of these layouts, my personal favourite was the 'Z' plan, and this is due to the fact that it was the most simple, and I believe that it did not overcrowd the cover as much as the other two designs. 

We then went on to look at photography, at the lighting used to make the photo's clear and detailed. The three main types of photography lighting are; key light, fill light and hair light and these are all important in ensuring that the images for the magazine are all of a high quality and standard. The lights can be used to create a sharp  and shadowy edge to the image, and if used correctly, can make the photos look very professional. The positioning of the model is crucial to the photo, as they should always be looking directly at the camera lens. as this can make an audience feel a connection with the model. The model must always suit the target market of the magazine, and this can be done by using aspects such as make up, hair and their clothing. However sometimes, the model should just have the correct 'look' for that certain type of magazine genre.

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