Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Peer Feedback

I posted this comment on Sanjay Patel's blog. I decided to look through his blog because he is quite a creative person and I felt as though his mood board would be artistically one of the strongest. By giving him constructive criticism, I believe this will help him to develop even more as a media student and to aid him in gaining the best grade possible.

I decided to look at Harry Abbots mood board next as I had previously seen it in class, and was interested to find out how it had been developed. The images used only contain information about music artists, and no images have any reference to any other aspects of his chosen genre. I felt as though he could have been a bit more creative with his research and overall mood board.

The last comment of the week that I made was on Ben Warrington's blog. I had received constructive feedback from him previously which made me want to see what he had been working on. Throughout his blog there was a lack of reference to his chosen genre, and this would be his downfall if he did not develop his research further. There are a lack of detail in some posts, however I believe that with my constructive criticism he will be able to receive a high grade from the coursework.

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