Friday, 10 January 2014

Preliminary Magazine Evaluation

How does your preliminary represent particular social groups?

With the magazine being aimed at a market consisting of school students, particularly years 10-13 with a population of around 1800 students. This audience is a minor specific audience as the contents of the magazine only apply to those who attend school, or are studying at an educational level. It would more specifically be aimed at students who struggle in a certain area at school or college, so more stereotypically the less able student, as they would be interested in the advice and help.

Who would be the intended audience for your product?

The intended audience is aimed at the whole school population, as all students struggle with certain aspects of school life, and would outline the best course of action and advice to make them better at the specific area that they struggle in. This will attract most students at school, particularly the less organised due to the fact that they will want to read the article about how to become a better and more efficient student.

How did you attract/address your audience?

I used a variety of exciting fonts and a feature image to attract the attention of the audience, because they will be able to fully relate to the picture of the student on the cover. Also, as the model on the front goes to the college, this will attract the older student that he is friends with, and even the younger students that he knows. The use of basic black and white colours helps the cover to look simple, and give the idea that the magazine will help students to make hard tasks and jobs appear simpler and more manageable. Also the only colour on the front was the 'F-' and this relates to students as they do not want to fail, making them want to read the contents inside. The sections around the cover include names of the article and would also attract the attention of the students.

What have you learnt about technologies from the process of constructing this product?

When creating the cover, Photoshop was a difficult skill to master, especially when trying to become familiar with all of the tools and what they do. But after using it for a while, it becomes easier to use. As this is my second task involving the software, I now feel more experienced. The help and knowledge from myself and other students, we all now understand the software. The use of Photoshop has allowed me to create a realistic magazine and cover that I could actually sell to students, however I did not have enough content for this. For my real final copy, I will make sure I focus on the contents of the magazine, to make it as professional as possible.

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