Monday, 13 January 2014

Favourite Magazine Covers

Billboard (September 2013)

This cover was used to promote the singer 'Sia' and to try and boost the sales of her new album. I really like the idea of the cover as it is an unusual concept, and this certain cover was created to work both on a paper edition, but also on an online version of the magazine. The style and layout of the cover are both simple and effective as the page is not overwhelmed by detail, but does the job that it was created for. The bold red font stands out as it is used to highlight the most important information about the artist. Overall the layout is neat, and this gives it a slick and simple look.

The Modern Magazine (June 2013)

This magazine cover was used to present the concept of modern styles of media and magazines. This whole cover is made up of past magazine covers to show the change in design and styles over time. I really like the idea of this concept as it uses old and vintage magazine covers to create a montage that looks modern. This cover was made for a hardback version of the magazine, so the design was crucial. The style and layout of the cover are simple, however this is effective as the cover is not crowded, as this also reflects the vintage style of old magazines. The bold white font stands out against the images in the back, but this simplistic aproach is a representation of both modern one old styles. Overall the design is effective as all the images and the font combine to create a neat cover.

Wallpaper* (September 2013)

This magazine cover was used to highlight the concept of modern art and home decor design. This cover is made up of a single female model, with ripped out images covering certain areas of her face. These ripped out images join to make a face, however the use of these image do not make a perfect face, adding an edge to the artistic concept of the cover. The layout is simple, however the style is very original and is very relevant to the concept of the magazine. On the other hand, there is not much writing, other than the title of the magazine. However the heading does stand out as the bold black font has been placed on a white background. Overall the design of the cover is very effective as the use of the distorted image is usual and appealing to a modern audience. Also the layout id very clean and simple.

Interview (March 2013)

This cover was used to promote the artist 'Rita Ora' and to promote her new single that had recently be released. The magazine cover is made up of a single image of the artist with various fonts around her. The concept of the cover is effective as it is based around the artist, however the layout is a very common layout used by most magazines that feature a single artist. The layout is quite simple with several marks around the artist to give it a slightly urban look. The overall style is not clean, however this can be used to represent the genre of the music represented, and also reflects the artist. The heading is bold as is a very urban font, which reflects the overall concept. Overall this magazine is effective as it us 
the artist to attract the audience as well as the urban/modern style.

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  1. Consider whether any of these styles would be something you would like to recreate in your c/w.