Friday, 17 January 2014

The Stereotype

Along with every type of music and artist comes a category that they fall into, this is called the stereotype. All of these association can change depending on factors such as your age, ethnicity, location and individual style taste. These can present whether the stereotype is positive or negative and stereotypes are hard to break!

An 'indie person' is simply somebody that does not fit into a mainstream stereotype. They are not exactly "defined" which is why they are indie. For example, they tend to listen to music that doesn't really fit into any genre "alternative" or music that is signed to independent labels. This is not to say that they only listen to rock/alternative - they listen to a wide range of music from many different genres. With indie men, they are often associated as being clean cut with a hint of abnormality on regards to style and fashion. The are often described as having shaved heads, tattoos and slightly 'gay' looking. This is some sense can be a very negative band to place them into. When researching the indie stereotype online I came across the following description; 

"indie kids. they're different, they don't all dress the same, nor do they all have wavy hair. 

they're classified as indie because of the bands they listen to. The obscure ones that when you tell people what you're listening to, they don't know. This includes tapes n' tapes, black kids, I love you but I've chosen darkness, the French kicks and British sea power, among many others. 

they are usually happy people, who carry their iPod's around smiling in the summer sun. they be friends with whoever they like. 

they wear clothes they've found in thrift stores and hippie markets and occasionally urban outfitters, never from Hollister or anything like that. headbands are a plus, along with the wayfarer sunglasses."

Indie girls dress with a mixed style, they have elements of hippie, rock chick and girly. Indie boys tend to wear graphic tops, jeans (and skater shoes like Vans, DC, Puma, Adidas, or Converse.) Their hair has a sort of bed head look, but is often carefully styled.

Every stereotype can be split into several sub genre's, each of which can be placed into different places depending on views and interests.

At one time, perhaps, the taxonomy of indie kids could be limited to one definition, but as the word becomes increasingly bandied about in mainstream circles and the image thoroughly commodified by youth-orienting clothing chains, several distinct sub-types have emerged: 


A stereotype can make or break a style or trend and this is why I believe it is important to keep these in mind when creating the aspects of my magazine, and by constantly referring to all of these stereotypes I am keeping in mind my audience and what the would want!

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