Thursday, 16 January 2014

Indie Rock Audience Research (UK TRIBES)

From researching into the characteristics of a typical indie rock audience, I found the main and most frequent groups of people that come up are Hippies, Art students, teen males and more free willed people. Indie rock is another way of indicating the minority of the teenage society, which includes the most unique brands and design of fashion, often chart music and several unusual types of music artists compared to most mainstream names and bands.

A questionnaire to ask my target audience:

1. What is your all time favourite song

2. What are your favourite music characteristics? And why?

3. Do you prefer types of music that are different from mainstream genre's?

4. Do you like less well-known artists? And who?

5. What fashion category do you fit into?

6. Where do you shop the most for clothes? How often do you shop here?

7. Where stores do you purchase your music from?

8. How important is music in your every day lifestyle?

9. What music artist inspires you the most? And why?

10. Do you listen to the radio? If so which station(s)?

By creating a questionnaire for my target audience, It will allow me to research into the background of the genre in more detail, and give me a better idea of those who follow the styles that compliment it. The answers given will give me a good idea of what features to add to my magazine, so that my chosen audience will be able to connect with the magazine more, and also give them the detail they would expect. This combined with my 25 word pitch will not only allow me to sell the concept of my unique magazine, but ensure that I develop it to the standard that will compliment my target audience, and make them want to keep buying more issues.

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