Friday, 17 January 2014

Photography Inspiration

Once I had completed my research into my chosen genre, I decided to find some photography inspiration. I used search engines, tumblr and general photography websites to find sources of inspiration for my magazine cover. This was incredibly useful as it will Aid me during the thinking and designing process. The ideas that I have created will not only be suitable form my cover, but for the contents and double page spread feature.

By carrying out preliminary research on my artist genre, this allowed me to gain a better understanding of what would fit my genre, and what would look aesthetically pleasing for followers of indie culture.  By carrying out detailed research through the internet, it allowed me to get a better understanding of the diversity that indie culture has to offer and also the wide range of photography a design. All of these unique ideas I have sourced could be altered to produce something incredibly creative and diverse.

American photographers Russ and Reyn are a team based in New York City that focus on the conceptual side of art and fashion as well as exploring concepts that have never before been tried. They both came up will the idea of using shadow hands to alter the position of the model. I found this piece very effective and interesting to look at, and when looking at the images in detail it is clear at the amount of precision  and care that they have taken when design and producing these images. These images in very inspiring and make me want to carry out more preliminary research to find even more unusual images and concepts that would inspire me. The creativity of these images shows me that even the strangest idea can be the most aesthetically pleasing, and this is something I am very keen to reflect in my coursework piece.

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