Friday, 17 January 2014

Reflection on equipment used

Photography & Editing

A crucial aspect in the production of the magazine cover, is the photography editing of the features model or image. To get used to the unusual  concept of photography, I started by taking some sample images that we were going to use for our school magazine cover. I quickly got used to the fact that correct lighting is crucial when taking a photo, and also the correct aperture and shutter speed. As I wanted my model (Ben) to be the main focus in the photograph, this meant I wanted the background slightly blurred so the focus on Ben was sharper. For the background to be blurred,  wanted a shallower depth of field which meant that I would have to use a lower aperture number.  Another problem I also faced was finding the correct distance between my subject and he camera to create the perfect amount of focus. I did not need to use zoom, as I found the focal length was perfect and did not need adjusting. The shutter speed however did need adjusting, as it was letting too much light hit the lens of the camera, so I change the speed from 1/250 s to 1/500 s. This allowed me to take a more detailed picture, with a sharper and brighter quality. Eventually after adjusting each aspect of the camera, I took some very detailed images that I believer were good for my first go at photography. 

Next it came to the editing of the photographs. I wanted the background  of the images to be clear white, as this would make it easier when it came to placing it on the magazine cover. To create a clear white background, I used the colour replacement tool. After the background was complete, I decided to adjust the brightness of the photo as I wanted it to be brighter than it was. In order to do this, I went on to the image properties, and changed the contrast in colour. Finally, I wanted to slightly airbrush some of the imperfections on my models face, And to do this i used the blending tool which allowed me to cover over the marks without leaving a visible trail. 

From using both of these items of equipment, I now feel more comfortable with using them, and I have now developed more in depth knowledge of the crucial aspects that are involved. This will definitely help when it comes to creating the final magazine cover.

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  1. It would be helpful if you uploaded all of the images you took of Ben to back up the comments you make at the top of the page.