Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Colloquial Styled Language & Language Register

When creating a particular genre of magazine that must that must connect with a certain audience, I must take into consideration the type of language that is used to ensure that It reflects them as individuals. Small amounts of colloquial style language used to create a bond with the chosen audience, however I must keep it professional and formal. My reasons for this are the fact that people related to the Indie genre would prefer content that is more abstract, and would rather rear an article that is of a different style to other mainstream magazines.

I aim to keep a more masculine theme throughout, as women are not perceived to enjoy independent music as much as men. Also women would prefer a magazine with more sophisticated language, and more fashion based contents. By including minimal amounts of colloquial styled language, my magazine may possible attract the attention of other audiences that I have not targeted my magazine at. This will allow me to still attract my prime audience, but at the same time widen my potential audience. I will include features that I will need to use colloquial language in. this will allow me to entertain my audience. On the other hand, the contents of the magazine will require an overall more formal approach in order to retain the respect that the audience should have for the magazine and its contents.

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  1. Make sure your questionnaire has some questions regarding gender as you might be surprised about female = indie audiences.