Friday, 17 January 2014

25 Word Pitch


  1. Cam, I think your presentation is very drawing, this captures my attention straight away. The 25 words you have used in your pitch have clearly outlined to me your genre of magazine you will be producing and has given me good reason to want to buy it. I would purchase this for around £3.50-£4. A way of improving, you should include the fact that it is a music magazine, and what your main featured article could include.

  2. I really like this presentation. The use of words has made it very clear what you magazine will be like and I am intrigued to see the results. I like the idea that you have chosen a specific gender and target audience to stick to. This is effective because it makes it easier when you decide what language to consider in your magazine
    I would be willing to pay around £3.50 for this magazine.
    To improve, focus more on the music side of things as your pitch seems to be focusing more on fashion and how your magazine is going to look.