Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Initial Model

For my magazine, I had to consider who I would choose to model as the feature aspects and this is were I ran into some difficulty. I wanted a diverse looking model to perfectly reflect the unique style of my magazine. I wanted my model to be comfortable with trying unusual ideas and allowing me to try out things that may seem weird. After doing my research into my genre I found that a female with 'long hair' would be better suited and it would allow me too be able to arrange her hair in more ways and positions. Also hair is usually a crucial aspects of a feature photo, and if styled correctly could be the most appealing and eye catching aspect of the photo. Also it was evident that the genre uses woman that are very 'petite' who wear unusual clothes and contrasting hair, as this compliments their individual personalities and characters.

After taking into consideration all of the aspects that I needed in a model I decided to ask Shannen Smith who in my opinion was the best option. Shannen has long, dark, straight hair and this is create because it perfectly compliments her facial structure and features. She is very pretty, but also looks very unique and this is a feature that I really want for my design.  Her overall look is perfect form my magazine, and she is also very versatile, and it very keen to try out different concepts and ideas for the photography.

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