Wednesday, 22 January 2014

My Artist's Name

When creating a name for my female artist, I wanted something that would reflect the 'Indie' image that I wanted her to portray. This meant I would have to choose a name that was simple but unusual. Choosing a name was a difficult task, and it was a crucial as she would be the main feature of my magazine.

Initial Ideas:

  • Shannen Jones
  • Shannen smith
  • Kerry Smith
  • Paloma Jones
  • April Martin
  • Summer Smith
  • April Jones
  • Mandy Pollock
  • Rhia Summers
  • Danni Hart

After going round my media class and asking friends and family, I found that the most common favourite name from the majority is 'Shannen Jones'. I like this name as it is simple, and the unusual spelling of the name 'Shannen' is the different aspect that I want, but it is just subtle and not outrageous. I also feel as though it suits my models face and personality very well.

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