Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Magazine Name

Choosing a name for my magazine was a crucial and very difficult job, as the name had to have a deeper meaning and also reflect the type of magazine that I produce, and also connect to the contents.  I did not discover my name after first thought, it took me some internet research and a lot of think to come up with the name. I wanted it to be symbolic of my intent for the magazine, and I eventually came up with a name that reflects this well. My original idea was to name the magazine 'Unorthodox', however after a discussion with my teacher Mrs Hammond we decided that it was too long and need to be simplified. So by naming my magazine 'UNDX' It was shorter and also allowed ne to give the name multiple meaning and connotations.

Unorthodox by definition means: "Breaking away from convention and tradition" and this perfectly fitted my concept and design. The idea of it being untraditional and breaking away from what people believe to be normality. The origin of the word came from ancient Greek literature, and was used in the context of belief and custom. However the word has been categorised by the English language before the 12th Century.

An antonym of 'Unorthodox' is unconventional, which connotes it's alternate, something unusual and different, something unique and superior. I want my whole magazine to have this edge and influence that defines it as being unique which not only persuades my traget market to want to read it, but also people outside of my target market.I want to gain the audiences attention through the combination of and eye catching image, and also a neat and catchy name. I want my market to read between the lines of conventional and normal, and open their minds to a new style and concept.

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