Wednesday, 22 January 2014

The Logo

For my magazine, I did not want a logo as such, but a big bold name that would be easily recognised by all audiences. With my colour palette of black and white, I wanted the overall look of the header to be as eye catching as possible and these two colours help this to happen. Also, with a more male dominated target market, I wanted the header to look as less feminine as possible. In order to find the header that I believed was the best, I had to play around with certain designs and fonts and this was pretty time consuming, however the finish product is basic but bold! I also wanted the 'Indie' culture to be represented in the header, so I experimented with ways to make it look more unusual and artistic. I finally decided to double up the font to give it an unique but still simple look. I then incorporated this into the headers of both my contents and double page spread.

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