Thursday, 16 January 2014

25 Word Pitch Preperation

In order to make my pitch as effective and impacting as possible, I would need to think wisely about the type of vocabulary that would persuade my peers. By doing this, it will allow me to present my ideas in a way that invite a potential audience, and also leave a lasting effect. By presenting my personal ideas, opinions and feedback, it will allow me to develop my creativity and overall imagination to an even higher level. By doing this, it will allow me to sell my magazine to my chosen target audience, and find areas of weakness that need improvement, and a different perspective from those who I have not chosen as my target market.

My initial 25 words:

  • simple
  • indie
  • 16-25
  • unique content
  • creative 
  • males
  • unique
  • different
  • innovative
  • styles
  • artistic
  • contrasting
  • Wellgosh
  • clean
  • abstract
  • culture
  • fashionable
  • unorthodox
  • vintage 
  • textured
  • "people's magazine"
  • universal

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