Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Magazine Name Ideas

When thinking about an name for my magazine, I want to select one that reflects my intent of an abstract and unique concept. I originally had a few ideas that I believe suited my intentions with regards to my chosen genre and style. These included; Bizarre, Decode and The Box. However, I wanted to do further research to ensure that I chose the perfect name for my magazine. I searched random words into Google search to see if any of the results inspired me. The words that came up were; Muzzle, Autopsy, Awolowa, Transmute, Evolve, Unorthodox and Offbeat. Of all these words there are a few that stand out, however my favorite is 'unorthodox' because it evolves from the word unique and uncommon.

After taking my chosen word, I did some research using the internet to find out more information about the word and its origin. The definition of the word is: Breaking with convention or tradition; not orthodox. This definition perfectly represents what I want to portray through my magazine. Also it connect well with my uncommon genre of music. However after getting feedback from fellow student, Nat Clarke said "It is a brilliant name, however it a possibly too long to be a title". I will take this feedback into consideration when conducting further research.


  1. Yes as we discussed in class you need a snappy shorter title - can you shorten it?

  2. I like the way you have gone into detail about why you have chosen this name, In my opinion I think it is a good name in the way it reflects the genre that you have chosen, and also I think people will understand this when they read the title.