Thursday, 16 January 2014

'Indie' Styled Music Videos

I have chosen these video's as they inspire me, and have some great graphical ideas that I could use for my magazine. Also, the indie aspects give me an idea of what is already popular within indie culture and it's followers.

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  1. Cam you need to comment on why you've posted these videos - inspiration for style?

    Overall Cam you have so far demonstrated some good research. However, the actual planning of your c/w needs to be far more in depth. All research posts need to have some reflection on how they could/couldn't be used in your own c/w and why. You still have a lot of work outstanding so at present you would be looking at quite a low mark for R&P. To sort this out you must do the following:
    * Upload your prelim school mag and contents plus a description of the task and your skill progression.
    * Upload the remaking of the front cover task you did first.
    * Analysis of 3 f/c, contents, dps - v disappointing that you have only loaded the texts and not the analysis - this will be worth a large chunk of your R&P marks.
    * Pitch
    * UK Tribes research
    * Institution research - you have researched I-D but haven't linked this to your c/w's institution.
    *Analysis of other mag titles - this needs to be linked to the post you have created on titles.
    Please see your posts for further comments/advice I have given.